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In Their Own Words In Their Own Words

Family history, including diaries, letters, memoirs, photographs and much more are shared with others. As explained in the soon to be opened Research Lab (link to the right) I am available to help with research, for free and for fee depending on what is required.

Far From Home: The Diary of Lt. William H. Peel, 1863-1865

The diary includes Peel's vivid account of the Confederates' final charge at Gettysburg, as well as an often witty picture of his life in the officers' prison at Johnson's Island, OH. The diary is printed in its entirety along with informative articles and footnotes, additional annotation and photographs. It is a chance to experience the Civil War's darkest hours through the eyes of one young man.

Research Lab Research Lab

With education and experience spanning three decades, I am happy to help others study the mystery of our past. To do this I give presentations and teach workshops (the latter for a modest fee per person) on the techniques I have mastered. The Research Lab contains a complete layout of my skills, tools, and availablity.

Webmouse URU Page URU: Forums and Ages

Ever since I wandered into Myst Online URU Live (MOUL) in February 2007 I have spent hours in this intelligent game in the tradition of the breakthrough Myst games. Although our much beloved international online ARG was cancelled in April 2008, in this part of my website I have links to my favorite forums as well as an original web-based age.

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Queen of DeNile Queen of DeNile

Favorite links, forums and chatrooms on a variety of topics, mostly the things just for fun -- like Lord of the Rings t-shirts.

Shakespeare Thoughts on Shakespeare

Miscellaneous meanderings about the works of the Bard. It's doubtful that anything here will save your English grade, but you might find the point-of-view refreshing.

Eilidh Bheag's Highland Home Page Eilidh Bheag's Highland Home Page

A collection of Scots Gaelic lore, legend and language.

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