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Marion Phelps Von Rottenburg Peters

Mrs. Marian Phelps Peters.

Mrs. Marian Phelps Peters, wife of Theodore Peters of 70 West Forty-ninth Street, died yesterday at her residence. She was the only daughter of the late William Walter Phelps, Minister to Austria, and a granddaughter of Joseph E. Sheffield, founder of the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale. Mr. Peters, whom she married at her Summer home, Teaneck Grange, Englewood, in May 1917, was her second husband. The first was Franz von Rottenburg, at one time Under Secretary of the Interior of Germany. She was a member of the Colony Club.

New York Times, New York, NY, July 2, 1922, page 16

Mrs. Theodore Peters

To the Editor of The New York Times:

The death of Marian Phelps, wife of Theodore Peters, leaves a wide circle of mourners. Her father was the late William Walter Phelps of Teaneck, N.J., United States Minister to Germany. On her mother's side she was the granddaughter of Joseph Earle Sheffield of New Haven, founder of the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale. Born Sept. 10, 1868, she grew up at a time when her father's useful private and public duties brought her in, touch not only with most conspicuous person in her own country, but also with many prominent figures in European affairs. Her broad education gave her a broad charity which did not content itself with contributions to organized public aid. The delicate personal touch which she put into each of her widespread benefactions and the modesty with which she concealed them have made a monument for her in the hearts of a host of her friends of high and low degree.          H.S.M.

New York, July 3, 1922

New York Times, New York, NY, July 4, 1922, page 12

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