Gladys McCullough Alexander:
Looking Back at the Long Ago


Memories on Parade

Meet the Family

A Town is Born

The Growing McCullough Family

A Church Becomes a Reality

A Closing Word

The Man Called Guelcksie

A is for Arthur

The Coffin House

Poet and Philosopher -- Aged Seven

The Two Room School House

Open the Windows and Open the Doors

Sixteen Girls in White

Four Girls and Five Boys

The Poet in Hot Water

Windows Open for Edith

The Great Decision

Bo Peep



Mayme Marguerite McCullough, age 4

"In the paperdoll day of our childhood years
Little Bopeep!
We played together with merry cheer,
And never another drew quite so near
As together o'er childish troubles, we'd weep!
Little Bopeep!

--From The Long Journey
by Mackie Mouton

Maibelle and I remain of the Seven. On this page we join hands in tribute to our little sister.

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