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Looking Back at the Long Ago


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There were some men in Alicia who like to fight. Knocking a man down, or giving him a black eye, seemed to be a special accomplishment.

Any discussion could lead to an argument, and a fist fight could follow. While I did not see this, I heard it talked about, and it saddened me. My own world was so wonderful, I wanted everyone to be happy as well.

These thoughts ran over into one of my first poems. It was published in The Lawrence County Blade and I was Queen for a Day.

by Gladys McCullough, age 7

As I chopped the weeds from the garden path
A thought came to my mind
Of the weeds that choke from the pathway
Every flower that they find.

And I thought of the weeds that we daily sow
Broadcast with careless hand,
Ugly words and hateful thoughts
That grow throughout the land.

Oh, if we could chop from our path in life
The weeds that we daily sow
What joy it would bring at the end of strife.
What a blessing for the hoe!

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