Joseph John Collins:
Spanish-American War Diary


J. J. Collins,


























Mar 1 Raining Kline and Dugan had more charges against them for refusing to clean water-closet Old guard of 4 men fined $10 a piece for refusing but cleaned it in the afternoon on conditions that the natives would clean it hereafter Visited Don Emilio at night.

Mar 2 Cloudy. inspection at 8.30 but was interruped by rain. showers all day. had some music in the evening by some natives two prows came in at 9.30 PM

Mar 3 Sunday and raining hard, little mail came in last night, plenty of rumors

Mar 4 Raining all day. Hernandez drew $3 worth of comsy between us. Prvt Clear put in guard-house disobedience of orders drilled in the afternoon

Mar 5 Room orderly. Clear Kline and Dugan tried Clear released derw $2 more of Comsy drilled in afternoon Sea very rough for last 3 days played cards at night

Mar 6 Went on guard at Comsary rained all day. Clear fined $5. Kline and Dugan was fined a months pay and to serve 1 month in the guard house.

Mar 7 Came off guard at 9 AM Collins Knaff Himeberry made acting Corporals cleaning up for inspection rained all day.

Mar 8 Still raining. Steamer Cocu stopped on the way to Virax had drill in afternoon had a good imitation of pie for supper. Went to see Capt Vincente daughter at night cleared up at 8.PM

Mar 9 Had inspection of grs only on account of rain. Colonels launch came in at 11AM had little mail went to Gubat at noon. lots of steamers passing all day

Mar 10 Sunday Captain read an order to the Co at Retreat for all men who wanted to be discharged on the Island to put applications in right-away about 5 men wants to stay

Mar 10 Sunday clear and warm Prvt Hull put in guard house for sticking native with bayonet had lots of cock fights in the afternoon severe thunder storm at night.

Mar 11 Clear and warm worked cutting grass in the morning Steamer came in with a hemp dealer. Launch returned and took away mail drill interruped by rain very warm at night

Mar 12 Warm and clear Prvt Hull released from guard house 5 days wood-pile helped to clear parade grounds and drilled in the afternoon wrote some letters at night.

Mar 13 Clear and warm fellows still clearing parade grounds, drill postponed in afternoon on account of rain fellows all writing letters at night.

Mar 14 Washed some clothes had drill in afternoon very warm today

Mar 15 Room Oderly. Prvt Murray while under the influence of liquor jumped into the bay. lots of fellows buying drink today

Mar 16 Went on guard at guard house Rumored that the 6th Cav will relieve us. investigation of charges of the top soldiers selling whiskey.

Mar 17 Came off guard Lt P.---- day Launch passed but did not stop

Mar 18 Washing and policed up rumor that '35 men from 5 Companies have went to Donsol.

Mar 19 Paymaster came in at 2.50 PM paid us 2 months pay. deposited $20 with paymaster fellows are all saving theirs pay day.

Mar 19 Paymaster left early in morning with Launch for Sorsogon fellows are pretty tight with their money. Some of them are playing poker. fired a few volleys out in the bay at drill. fellows playing poker and shooting crap.

(Mar 20: no entry)

Mar 21 Very hot plenty of Poker games going on Colonels Launch came in Hosp Corp man Runkle told us the we would be relived by the 6th Cav about the 7th of Apr.

Mar 22 Presidente prow came in from Bulan with mail got 3 letters reduced ammunition to 20 rounds

Mar 23 Had inspection at 8. AM went on guard on the patrol. layed around all day was woke up at 11 PM went to bed again at 11.31.

(note in top margin) P.S. Mar 30 Slight earthquake at 3.15 AM last 2 minutes

Mar 24 Sunday rained all day slept in the morning warm all night

Mar 25 No reveille on account of rain drew clothes no drill rain

Mar 26 No reveille or drill on acct rain playing cards

Mar 27 Large Transport passed going towards Legaspi drilled by bugle

Mar 28 In swimming had setting up exercise.

Mar 29 Went on guard on Patrol with Collins Rained slight at noon

Mar 30 Inspection at 8.30 AM came off guard at 9. AM Launch came in at 3 PM small mail received 2 Letters very warm all day

Mar 31 Sunday four large steamers passed warm all day. anxiously watching for the Transport.

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