Joseph John Collins:
Spanish-American War Diary


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Aug 1 Went on guard duty and night passed alright

Aug 2 Came off guard at 7AM Gunboat Concord came in at 10 AM Major came inn at 7 PM had mail but I received none

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Received 2 letters from home 1 from Mae (Mac?) also some papers this day

Aug 3 Was on old guard fatigue had to chop wood a day and a half for missing detail my hands are swelled up like a ballon with blisters. S.arumerser came in at 11 AM with Inspector General and Major Anderson. Lieut Slack with 12 men went Buena Vesta and captured 6 men including a Captain. Letter to home & Mae (Mac?)

Aug 4 Lieut Slack came in about 4 AM. has reveille at 5 AM was inspected in light marching order at 7.30 AM inspection order at 7.30 AM inspection of quarters. a short drill afterwards. Inspector and Major Anderson left at 3 PM. Played poker at night for tobacco. Rained best part of the night.

Aug 5 Sunday same as usual nothing to do but lay around went on guard at night at old kitchen everything quite.

Aug 6 Came of guard at 6 AM slept all morning Prival Rodgers jumped out of hospital window injured slightly Transport Sivana came in with few rations at 1.30 PM. men are unloading. Private Clear chum of mine in hospital with dobbie itch. Went to work unloading boat worked till 9.30 PM

Aug 7 Had no drill got up at 6.30 AM boat left for Sorsogon with Major and Lieut Yost. worked in afternoon putting rations in commisary. boat returned at 6 PM with Major.was fired on at Pilar point having blouse altered. heavy rainstorm at night

Aug 8 Dinning room orderly Major went to Manila on the ration boat received news that we were to be attacked tonight rained heavy at night. Lieut Yost to go out in the morning

Aug 9 Lieut Yost with 35 men went on a surveying expedition Lieut Slack with 20 men went out at 1.30 PM to meet the other party. both parties came in at 2.30 PM with 7 men and Carlos wife and 3 children. on guard between the bridges. 5 of the 7 men captured released and went out. rained very hard night. Reamers had fight Spaniards

Aug 10 Came off guard at 7.A. Slept all morning. in afternoon getting equipment ready for inspection. 2 men came in at 3.30 PM. rained all day and the best part of the night

Aug 11 Saturday raining very hard and the wind is blowing a hurrican had inspection of quarters only. helped fix trenches on bridges in the afternoon.

Aug 12 Sunday nothing of importance today except it is still raining hard.

Aug 13 Went on guard on 1st platoon bridge. rained and blowed all day.

Aug 14 .an earthquake was plainly felt at 4.30 AM it lasted about 2 minutes. woke up every body in the town some of the fellows run out in their under-clothes. left in the morning. Company would not eat chino bread they broke it all up and left it lay on the table. no boats can come in on account of the heavy sea still raining very hard.

Aug 15 Has rained hard all day had roof fixed.

Aug 16 on old guard fatigue Paymaster and mail came in at 11.30 AM received 4 monthly pay $62.20. and 3 letters 4 papers paying all debts.

Aug 17 5 people came in fellows all playing poker. got my pictures from photographer.

Aug 18 fellows are all paying their debts and finding their money the best way they can no beer or wine in town, Sunday Aug 19 and expedition of 70 men under Lieut Yost & Slach went out on an expedition to Seville at mid-night. to capture Padra Phillippa

Sunday Aug 19 On kitchen police today. hikers came back at 10.30 AM failed to accomplish anything. went Paymaster went away today. went on guard at 7 PM under house Tamer (?) and Vallance went to the guard house.

Aug 20 came of guard at 6 AM 2 men came in. Otto rico (rice?) beat one of the natives fellows took up a collection. Col Howe launch came in today but he could not land received 2 letters from home. all the fellows to go before the Capt today got canopy for bed. fellows were marched to the Capt to receive a lecture. large fire in the vicinity of Magoon. Wind is still blowing at a terrible rate.

Aug 21 on old guard fatigue chopping wood. 6 bancos came down the river with hemp 2 shots fired at (?) by Lusch and kline.

Aug 22 Room orderly 1 more boat came in this morning crowd got picture taken. Send picture home also letters. fellows still playing poker.

Aug 23 Went on guard at 2 platoon bridge. got picture of group people are coming in with plenty of hemp.

Aug 24 Came off guard at 7 AM natives still bringing hemp in. bought lot of small pictures. Colonel Howe came in about 3 PM did not stay long. quite at night. Little rain

Aug 25 Had Battalion inspection at 9.30 AM lots of natives coming in with hemp had dress-parade at retreat played poker at night won about $3. slight rain at midnight.

Aug 26 Rained in morning - sent lot of photos home. had a cock fight in the afternoon rained hard. went on guard at night.

Aug 27 Came off guard at 7 AM Sail boat came in morning

Aug 28 On old guard fatigue. Played poker in the night natives still coming in.

Aug 29 On water Detail fellows have to full they own water. Clear weather

Aug 30 Went on guard on 1st Plt bridge.

Aug 31 Inspection and Muster at 10. AM came off guard at 11.

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