Joseph John Collins:
Spanish-American War Diary


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June 1 Still very cold plenty of soup to eat Pulled into Nagasaki at 4 PM passed light house on our right stationed on a small hill at the entrance passed a French and Italian gun boat also 2 German torpedo boats U.S.A. T. Kintuck laying in harbor Japan from what we can see look very hilly Doctors came aboard and inspected everybody on board.

June 2 Still in harbor eveybody broke coaling up Room orderly.

June 3 Italian gunboat fired some 20 to 30 shots Russian 4 mast steamer came in the Japs are very sociable people the women help the men to coal up the steamers about 6 drivers are scraping the bottom

June 4 Still in Nagasaki coaling up very cold left at 7.30 PM band played while passing gunboats the crew all cheered us as we passed out. U.S.A. Transport Kintuck put in quarantine for 15 day case of small-Pox, 1 co of 42 Inf on board 241 miles

June 5 In Pacific Ocean passed the town of Nobe light house on point 280

June 6 Sea very rough and the air very chilly, getting good deal fresh beef

June 7 sea Calm still going up the coast of Japan pulled into Yokohama at 11 AM was inspected by Japanese doctors American Gunboat Concord in harbor Prv Slegarice of our Co Died of Chronic dysentery companies are allowing shore leave. took on coal and water

June 8 Still in harbor hoisted sailing flag at 8 am have two young englishmen from battleship Glory as stowaways left at 1 PM passed Gunboat Concord and English and Italian battleships very cold

June 9 Sunday very chilly travelled 241 miles at 12 am 4600 miles from Frisco to Yoko-

June 10 still continuing to got cold very stormy waves are washing over /\the decks 2 am travelled 242 miles

June 11 Went on guard at No 16 post still very rough boat tossing about like a chipe (?) travelled 261 miles waves coming over hurrican deck

June 12 Relieved from guard had good meal a hospital 12am travelled 237 miles had crew lead fire drill lgth and manoverboard at noon

June 13 On detail scrubbing stairs sea calm still very cold deck is clear of soldiers 12a.m. travelled 262 miles ran into heavy fog in afternoon lasted all day. fellows made a raid on gally took barrel of sour-kraut 2 crates of potatoes and lot of bread very cold at night fellows putting all the clothes on that they have

June 14 Cold and cloudy had no bread for breakfast Colonel looked after issuing of dinner. 12 am travelled 266 miles. heavey fog at night Concert on deck

June 15 Regular Saturday inspection by Col at 10 am still cold and cloudy 12 a.m. travelled 241 miles fellows walking around deck with blankets on. concert at night

June 15 (sic) Still cloudy and cold 12 am travelled 239 miles had good hot fresh water bath. all kinds of arguments about shippes (?) gaming a day slight rain at night

June 16 Cold and cloudy 12 am travelled 254 miles saw two large whales very close to the boat little warmer in afternoon. very Cloudy.

June 17 clear and warmer fellows in good spirits 12 a.m travelled 246 miles cooler and cloudy at night

June 18 cold and rainy very few on deck fellows are all in there quarters play cards and reading. everybody very much interested in the speed of the boat 12 am travelled 250 miles had storm at night very rough

June 19 clear and warmer. feeding much better since Colonel complained 12am travelled 260 miles. clears all day getting much warmer

June 20 clear and warm water very calm fellows are beginning to come up on deck again 12am travelled 243 miles everybody counting the days concert every night now

June 21 clear and warm best day we have had yet fellows have a touch of dysentery from hash last night we are having setting - up exercise everyday at 2. PM 12 am travelled 253 miles had an entertainment on deck by some darker of the 49th very pleasant at night

June 22 Clear and much warmer regular inspection at 10 am companies are all working on muster - out rolls 12 am travelled 239 miles looks stormy at night one of the sailors had a fit had a few boxing bouts on stern deck for sum ranging from $5 to $10 between soldiers and ship crew

June 23 clear and warm fellows are getting anxious to see land 12 am travelled 248 miles. Rogers out of our company going insane in hosp. have ten altogether out of Reg wrote a letter at night

June 24 clear and warm sighted small sailing vessel going in opposite direction about 5 miles off 12 am travelled 227 miles. working in afternoon and night helping company clerk make out Muster rolls

June 25 clear and colder ships crews painting and cleaning up ship 12 am travelled 222 miles expect to reach Frisco about 8 AM tomorrow

(This concludes the regular entries. There follow several blank pages and then the following entries on loose pages at the back.)

Serg Taylor $3.40

Reamers $5.10

Clements $5.00

Danfield $2.00

Rollins $7.00 (underlying number is 6)

Tanner $5.00

Hernandez $5.00

Clear $1.00

Himebery .25

Waters Transversed

Atlantic Ocean. St. of Gibraltar

Meditteranurn. Suez canal Gulf of

Suez Bitter Lake Red Sea

St of Bahenmandet Gulf of Aden

Arabian Sea Indian Ocean

St. of Mallaca China Sea

Cormarino Sea Sorsogon Bay

Rivers Donsol Pilar Ugod

Pasig Straits of Bernadino

Manila Bay. Inland Sea

2. John C. Clear 4064 Howley AVE East End Pitts

Capt Chas Hernandez. Ocean and Church Jacksonville, Fla St

Corp. R. P. Rollins. No 3 Pleasant St North Attleboro

3Geor J. Coles. Lee. Mass. Houesanatic St

Sergt. R. Tay (or $291 East Howard st Bellfonte Pa

4Robt Shaw New Jersey

5Fred C. Baldwin Coreopolis P.O. Pa

6 Maurice Danfield 1957 Camac Phila Pa

Thos Barbarette Wilksbarre Pa

Andrew Quinn 170 Sangamon St. Chicago

Distance from different points

New York to Gibraltar 3.687 m

Gibraltar " Malta 1.226 "

Malta " Port Said 1.046 "

Port Said " Suez 86 " Manila to San Pedro 7m (written down the page)

Suez " Colombo 3870 "

Colombo " Singapore 1930

Sing. Manila 1596

Manila " Donsol 4.00

Donsol " Matnog 80

Manila " Nagasaki 1374

Nagasaki Yokohama 619

Yokohama San Francisco 1400

San Pedro Macati Cocomon

Pasig Valletta. Fagig

Sorsogon Manila

Donsol Guadelope

San Vincente Calamba

Buena Vesta Guode

Basil Magdallenas

Pilar Castilla

Pon-Pon Kaseigorom

Old Donsol Bacoon



Bimang Gurang







San Rookie



Place arrive Left

Phila Sept 11 Nov 2

New York Nov 3 Nov 4

Gibraltar Nov 14 Nov 16

Malta Nov 20 Nov 23

Port Said Nov 26 Nov 27

Suez Nov 28 Nov 28

Colombo Dec 9 Dec 11

Singapore Dec 16 Dec 17

Manila Dec 22 Dec 23

San Pedro Macate Dec 23 Jan 17

Sorsogon Jan 20 Jan 20

Donsol Jan 21 Dec 17 1900

Sorsogon Dec 18 Dec 18

Bulan Dec 18 Dec 18

Matnog Dec 19 Apr 26 1900

Bulan Apr 26 Apr 27

Sorsogon Apr 27 May 17

San Jose May 18 May 19

Virac May 19 May 20

Legaspi May 20 May 20

Manila May 21 May 28

Clothing Account

Drew allowance

1st 6 monts $40.72 $55.71 $14.99

2th 6 months $ 6.81 $ 6.72. $09. debt

3th 6 months $.6.62 $13.47. $ 6.85.

4th 6 months $ 8.32 $14.48. $ 6.16

On Sick Report

Jan 22 - 99

Nov 28th to Dec 6 -- 1900

Jan 21 -- 1901

Place arrived - left

Nagasaki June 1 - June 4

Yokohama June 7 - June 8







242 50


264 4600

266 1752

261 2948





Capt Jno M Fields

2805 L street



History of regiment


Inside back cover:






Property of Jos. J. Collins
Co D. 47 USV inf
Donsol. P.I.

Home Address
1427 Parrish St
United States of America
Gods Country

(Joe Collins was honorably discharged from the military as evidenced by his discharge certificate)

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