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Feb 1st
Came out of the hospital today - after a most wonderful time. -- Met many nurses -- date tonight.

Feb March 16th
What will happen next? Tonight I am back almost in my old stamping ground. Col. Stout called about 20 officers to Souilly yesterday to have a group picture made -- and Maj. Hall gave me the job of finishing up the demolition work in Cap. Millers area -- so here I am at Bras. The "dope" is that my orders to return to the States are on their way from Tours - and that this work will not interfere with my returning -- as soon as the orders arrive. However I don't like the idea - I have become skeptical concerning all good news. --

Had a 'scrap' with Lt. Oldfield -- who was in charge of the men at Lavoye about a week ago -- so moved up to "Rarecourt 75" dump with Lt. Phelps + Latham. Our little playhouse was broken up day before yesterday - and we all rec'd. orders to move. I went to the big dump between Rarecourt and Clearmount. Left there today for here.

Lt. Gage -- now stationed at Rarecourt dump for permenant duty - and I have been living a high life - since I came out of the hospital. -- With his car - and the good looking nurses at E.Hosp. #10 -- we stage a party of some sort every night.

Lt. Oldfield and Latham left with the Ord. men for Mehun today. Lt. McNamee left for the 88th Div. yesterday. Lt. Phelps leaves with the men from Souilly -- under Cap McCleer - in a few days. Lt. Gage is stuck for the dump at Rarecourt. -- The remainder of us -- Lt. Shanley - Scheib - Ingersoll - Stevens - Manger - Hoy - Guenther - Ray - Kelly - Cpl. White - (who are at Rarecourt now.) - and myself - hope to leave as casual officers under Cap. Lockwood before long. -- But there is no telling what may happen yet. -- I may wake up in the 2nd Army in a day or two --

-- Surely hated to leave "Mully" (Miss Muldoon) when I left Rarecourt. --

Mch 27 Left the "woods" today -- a'la Ford - and landed back in Rarecourt just before dark - nearly or totally frozen - don't know which. Just here to get my baggage together - and leave for Bar-La-Duc - by auto early tomorrow A.M. - (Lt. Shanley and Ingersoll are with me.) In Bar La Duc - we meet Col Stout. Maj. Hall and Lt. Leonard -- and all proceed to Paris.

[noted on the back of the preceding page] Two trucks for moving Target.

Mch 30 Lt. Shanley - Ingersoll and I - managed to loose our baggage long enough to get another 24 hrs in Paris. We leave this P.M. at 605 for Vierzon. There to Mehun - and home sooner or later.

Paris is the same Paris - wild and wooly. 48 hrs. at a time is about my limit - I get sick of it.

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