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May 6th
Had the opportunity of seeing the 33rd Div. Colors and Officers decorated today. It was quite a ceremony, and took place in the big open park - up above the docks. With about two companies of French soldiers - and almost the whole of the 33rd 'beaucoup' soldiers participated. The French General who decorated the Officers and men - kissed all the officers above the grade of Cap. just after he pinned on the medal. It was quite a sight.

While waiting for a bus to camp -- I looked across the street and spied "Mully" -- my girl from Evac. Hosp #10 at Froidas. She is on her way home - with most of the other girls from there. - Needless to say I have a date with her tonight - and expect my nights will be pretty well taken up until she leaves.

May 9th
Well at last the gold has "warn off" -- and today I "sport" silver bars. The change was a long time coming about - but better late than never.

May 12th
Saw "Mully" for the last time tonight. Left out there about 1115 P.M. -- Don't know what I'm going to do for amusement now.

June 29th
Well, "hell" popped loose tonight. I was doing "bunk fatigue" -- after starting into town and changing my mind - when I became aware of the fact that something was going on outside. I put on my shoes - and went out - to find truck load after truck load of marines and soldiers - going into town to quell the riot - that has been brewing between French and Americans for some time. I went down to the depot to find them issuing ammunition to the trucks as they passed. I got my "gat" and tried to get in with an M.P. Officer to see the excitement but could'nt make it. By 1130 P.M. everything was pretty well in hand.

June 30th
All troops restricted to camp - but I got a special pass from Camp Hdq. this P.M. - and went in to draw money for the detachment. Every thing quiet enough but - there are "beaucoupe" broken windows down town.

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