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6/17    1918
Six long in one way, very short in others months have passed and I found myself getting off the train at the R.I. depot in Little Rock to be met by Dad at the station. This trip I had ten long days at home and enjoyed every minute of it.

6/27    1918
Back again at hard labor -- Forgot to say that orders came June 6th for me to report to Camp Hancock Ga but were changed two days later to read July 1st hence my little visit home. These three days before July 1st just give me time to get ready to move.

7/ 1    1918
Arrived in Augusta, Ga about 1150 P.M. Reported to Camp next A.M. This Camp does not compare favorably with McClellan in any respect -- but Augusta is much larger place Anniston. All infantry work at this camp. If it were not for two good looking girls with an auto life would be very unpleasant here.

8/25    1918
Two months in the Ga. desert is a plenty so this date I am boarding train for my long trip to France. Mrs. Illing [?] - Marguerite and Juliet Kettering Terry and the Hankinsons of Augusta came to tell me goodbye. Was made Battalion Adjutant of the 5th P.O.D. this A.M.

8/27    1918
After a pleasant trip -- which included greeting Mrs. Woodrow Wilson -- we landed in Camp Merritt N.J. I was greatly impressed with the work of the Red Cross -- this organization is wonderful.

8/29    1918
With Cap. Hagan I started on my first tour of N.Y. City about 8 P.M. I had made dates with Miss Edith and Eva Front -- two N.Y. girls and we took everything in. Rectors Midnight Frolic etc. We landed back in Camp about 445 A.M.

8/30    1918
With about 1 hrs sleep to my credit I started to the docks at Hoboken with Cap. Hagan. 6 A.M. We were the advanced party of our Bn. and were supposed to board the ship 1 day in advance of the remainder of the troops. After riding up and down the North River until noon on a tug-boat we learned that our ship had not docked yet so to N.Y. we went for the night. Another date with Eva and a big another big night to my credit.

8/31     1918
Boarded the "Derbyshire" (an English Merchant Vessel) about 10 A.M. and with Cap. Hagan commanding all troops aboard and myself as Adj. of Ship I started to work. Had a great time exploring the ship, and getting myself oriented. Accomodations fine. At 4 P.M. we pulled out into the harbor and watched the lights of Coney Island flicker that night.

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