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July 3rd -
Have'nt said a ward to anyone - but the result of my efforts showed up today. Lt. F.A. Sass - reported for duty - to relieve me. I go home.

July 4th
Worked all day today. Learned that Cap. McCartney has my orders for return to the States - but he will hold them up until the 8th. Hope he gets some satisfaction out of it.

July 5
Well - who knows what will happen next? This evening at 5 o'clock found me on board the U.S.S. Printz Fredrich Wilhelm -- I think I hold the record for speed. This is how it happened.

I came back from lunch at 1230 P.M. and found Cap. Roper - the commander of this ship in the office. I know him - and in our conversation he said he wanted to take me home on his next trip. I told him that my orders were in Brest - so I hoped to be gone before he returned. He said, "You get your orders, I'll get you on my ship." Well, we put it thru but believe me it was some job. I felt highly relieved when I found that at last, I was on board - and homeward bound. I staid on deck - to watch France "fade-away". We began to move about 1010 P.M. and the shore lights began to get dim in a hurry.

July 7
Had dinner with Cap. Roper - Maj. Auchinclass - Lt. Jones - and three women (There are about 300 welfare workers on board.) We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed it immensely. - Got stuck on duty today. I have a 4 hr. rotating watch down in the hold with the enlisted men. A hell of a job.

July 13th
Every thing going fine. Had engine trouble - and lost about 3 hours, but will land tomorrow evening if nothing happens.

July 14
Said "Hello New York" -- about 5 P.M. today. Feels fine to be back again. I was lucky - got thru all the red tape - and am free - to go to Washington when I get ready. My money tells me that I shall not linger long here.

July 15th Just left Bess (Miss Giblin) after an afternoon of baggage chasing - we finally got fixed up. I sent my baggage to the Penn. RR Station - ready to go to Washington in the morning.

Have two dates for tonight - Miss Eva Frost - then Bess. Hope I don't slip up on either.

July 16th
Had intended to go to Wash. this A.M. - but have decided to wait and go over on the 108 this P.M. Had breakfast with "Bess" and spent a pleasant morning with her at the McAlpine. Left just in time to get my things and catch the train. Promised I would be back in N.Y. Sunday. Will I?

[written in margin] wired Mother tonight C.O.D.

July 17th
Well - my discharge takes effect tomorrow. Spent most all morning and half the afternoon signing up papers - and taking examination. Wired Bess tonight - don't think I'll go to N.Y. - am too anxious to see The Folks. (May come back to N.Y. some day before I'm too old.)

July 20
Landed in St. Louis this P.M. at 645 after a steady ride for 27 hours. Leave here at 830 P.M. for home.

July 21
"HOME" - Enough Said. Reba - Steve + Dad at train.

[on back of page] Birthday Oct - 27 - 1911

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