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10/ 1    1918
Nothing happened until noon today - when I was coming in with my "drainage-crew" - an orderly from Hdq. met me - said my orders to leave were quartering me at Hdq. - After shaving and eating - I went up I am going to "Faecy" -- just about as far N.W. of Mehun - as I am S.E. of there now (about 3 miles) so I don't move very far. Lt. Trainor - Kelly - Horton and myself are assigned to the Amun. Dep't of the 4th Ard. Depot there. Lt. Strudel with 10 other Lts. are assigned to school there - so about 15 of us are going up there together tomorrow on a truck. Our officers are going in all directions - Cap. Hagan goes to Tours - Lt. Brown stays here for a while. Tomorrow is my birthday so I'll celebrate by morning.

10/ 2    1918
Well - I can't say that I feel much older today than I did yesterday, but I can truthfully put my age down as "23" now. Last Oct. 2nd was spent at McClellan -- things surely can change in a years time. We all (16 Lts.) filed up on a truck with our baggage at Mehun Ard. Camp about 1 P.M. - and unloaded here about 215 P.M. -- This is surely a nice camp. Lt. Trainor found his orders for Tours awaiting him here. He was surely surprised. Two new barracks have just been completed for us - and everything is starting off fine at "Faecy."

Oct 3rd    1918
Lt. McHamill-Horton, Church-Bangs and I started for Vierzon about 8 A.M. - the train was late as usual so we arrived there about 1020 A.M. Had a fine time. Found me a good looking girl who lives in Bourges.

Oct 4    1918
Lt. Kelley and I left for Bourges about 730 A.M. - This is one of the best towns I have seen in France. Went thru the old cathredal - over a thousand yrs. old - and it is wonderful -- almost beyond human conception that such a beautiful-massive structure could be built so many years ago. I did'nt find my girl - but found where she lives. Will try to find her the next time I go over.

All the Lts. who came here with me -- with the exception of Kelley and Horton, have been ordered to 'Johuschera' and leave tonight at 1130. Among them goes my best friend Lt. Strudel. I have become used to saying "good-by - good-luck - old man" with out showing my feelings. This is an old-old trick of the army - which started with me the day training camp broke up - Aug 15 - 1917. So now - the three of us - Kelly - Horton and I are left out of 43 officers. The 12 who go from here together is the biggest bunch together in any one place.

Oct 20    1918
-- Well much has happened since last I "made notation" - but nothing of grave importance. Among the good news is that - at last I have established mail connections with the good old U.S.A. - this includes 4 letters from home - the most important of all. Lt. Kelly and I have been assigned to the Mehun Group of Amm. warehouses. This is where all the unfixed (heavy) amm. is kept. I was just getting interested in the work - when "flop" - and the Spanish Floo" has me.

[pencilled in margin] Sick for Oct 8-16th

I spent one week in the infirmary - my fever went past the 104 mark - so you can bet your life I was a sick dude. Have been up since yesterday noon - and am beginning to get some of my strength back. As I can't go out in the cold much - I am catching up on correspondence -- a thing about which there is no regularity now. The "War-news" is very encouraging - and here's hoping that before long we can begin to dream of being home again.

Nov 10 9     1918
Life at Faecy was begining to be tiresome - as the duties of an assistant amm. officer are quite easy, so today - "orders to move" came thru - to break the menotony of life. I had been looking for orders for some time, as I had completed a course in ammunition - and received some good experience in amm. work - while connected with "Intermediate Ord.Depot #4."

My orders are to join the 1st Army Corps - and I will leave by truck to Vierzone - then the thru train to Paris -- tomorrow. Lt. Joe Downey and Kelly are going with me - they rec'd. similar orders to mine.

I will have some good friends at this camp -- Lt. J.J. Downey and Bill Spear - among them.

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