George Ludovic Alexander:
World War One Diary


G.L. Alexander,
WWI Diary


Opening Entries



May to December


June - August










May - June




[written across inside front cover pocket]

DuPont, Hopewell, Va.
J. Morton Hagan, Supervisor
Cun Cotton Line 3, Nitric Acid

[slip of orange paper in front cover pocket]

Ross 315.
Goodurr [?] 215.
Dewberry 145.
Kanis 80.
Alexander 535.

[Divider A]
[on label stuck to divider A]

Peoples Savings Bank
Insurance Department
Henry Simpson, Mgr.
124 South Main St.
Little Rock - Arkansas

[back side of divider A]

F. W. Marschen
Army Nurse Corps
U.S.A. Base Hosp #42
Amen Exp. Farres
R.P.O. 731

Miss Betty Thomson
613 M.T. So.
A.S. C.
Fuse Hill Hosp.

W. Carlton Shanley Jr.
271 - West 72nd St.
N.Y. City

Miss E.V. Gelina
Fox Hills - Staten Island - N.Y.
U.S.A. General Hosp. #44

American Express Co
Financial Dept.
W.H. Cushing - Asst Treasurer
65 - Broadway
New York.

G.E. Kennedy
General Agent - LRA

Edith L. Perry
811 Elwood - Tulsa - Okla

Don Emery
c/o Emery Bros - Drilling Contractors
Ranger Texas.

Miss Eva Frost
- 6th Morningside Ave
N.Y. City

Miss Ruth Ellen Zeisler
2615 Prairie Ave
Evanston - Ill

Miss Rosamond Frew
1814 E. Cherry St
Seattle - Wash
Elizabeth Thurston

Mr. G. B. Gray
c/o Vaughan Braheragili
El Dorado.

Miss Elsie V. Dey
188 Roseville Ave.
New Ark - N.Y.

Miss Helen Elizabeth Frazier
11119 Belleflower Road
Cleveland, Ohio

Mr. Joe N. Moore
San Marcos Bldg
1119 State St.
Santa Barbara Calif.

James L. Jarrett.
apt #8 - The Ruth
653 Broadway
Salt Lake City - Utah.

[combined from a later section of the diary]

Miss F.W. Moeschen
589 3rd Ave N.Y.C.

Miss Jeanette Morrison
443 Central Park West
New York.

Miss Virginia Nadler
160 East 91st St. N.Y.C.

Miss Vick Galina
Taddie Salma
97 Flushing Ave
Astona, N.Y.

Lt. E.U. Stevenson
Co. B. - 114th Eng - A.P.O. 914.

Lt. Pat. Murphy -
Infirmary Inteligence School.
5th Army Corps
A.P.O. 769

Miss Bess Boniface c/o The Fred G. Clark Co.
1602 Lake Front
2573 E 80th Cleveland Ohio
328 W. 72nd N.Y.C. U.S.A.

Christine Sumpkin,
"Cartersville, GA.
U.S. P. F. Wilhelm"

Mr. Miss Elizabeth Giblin
George 630 N. 5th St.
Earseman Springfield, Ill.

T.R. Snyder
1137 Harrison St.
Philadelphia -- Pen.

[this may be the girl he calls "Mully"]
Miss Agnes Muldoon
68-Eighteenth 528 Westford St
Lowell -- Mass.
1119 N - 12th St. Boise, Idaho.

Lt. Frank B. Ingersoll
104 E. End Ave -
Pittsburgh, Pa

Serg. Floyd Gillett
3014 Inez St.
Los Angeles, Cal.
(104 P.E. Bldg)

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