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5/9   1917
Entered training Camp at Ft. Logan H. Roots -- Had a lost feeling -- clothes issued and went home for a few hrs. first night to get extra cover as nights were cool.

8/15   1917
After 3 months hard, hot work spiced with week ends at home and much anxiety in regard to rec. a commission -- was read commissioned as 2nd Lt. Ord. N.A. -- Was surprised to get in Ord. Dep't as all my training had been infantry. I met many very clever fellows, and made many friends in this camp.

9/ 9   1917
After about 23 days at home enjoying life I arrived in Anniston, Ala. this date and reported at Camp McClellan to Maj. Jarman Div. Ord. Officer for 29th Div. Cap Scofield was in command of Ord Depot -- All officers fine clever fellows.

12/23   1917
As result of much head work and policy I arrived in Little Rock this date. Sorry Reba and Steve could not be there - but this trip home was a real Christmas present to me. A fellow surely appreciates home after a few months knocking around. I went flying around night and day and couldn't have enjoyed anything more than I did this trip.

12/31   1917
Leave over and this date I start "hitting the ball" again -- lamenting the fact that New Years Day couldn't be spent at home. Stoped off at Birmingham and Memphis and saw Helen Devine at Memphis.

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